UAV Drones for Wind Farm Turbine Inspection

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The Advanced Aerial Services Advantage

Inspecting wind turbines is a dangerous job… if the inspector/s are actually atop the structure, which can be hundreds of feet above ground. Using UAV drones for inspecting wind turbines eliminates the danger, and just makes sense! With the ability to obtain multi-angle, high-definition photos and live HD video of the blades, nacelle, anemometer, FAA clearance light and other components to determine integrity and functionality without having to leave the ground makes for safer operations, and saves time and money.

Advanced Aerial Services (AAS) provides turnkey solutions for using UAV drones for inspecting wind turbines, safer, faster and more economically. Using state-of-the-art technology and methodology, HD still photography and video, along with infrared scanning equipment, AAS provides accurate, detailed inspections that detects delaminations, hot spots, lightening damage and other concerns before they become major problems, preventing breakdowns and keeping you online longer. Contact AAS to see how your wind farm can benefit from this new and exciting technology. When you do, ask about receiving a FREE on-site demonstration of how you can more economically than ever conduct your wind turbine inspections Safer, Faster, Smarter!

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – singularly referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or, in the common vernacular, drones – are inherently safer, faster, more versatile, less costly, more environmentally friendly and just plain smarter when compared to the typical method of climbing and rappelling to get up close for inspections. To provide our clients with the high-quality information they need and demand, AAS uses the most technologically advanced unmanned aircraft (UAV drone)- based wind turbine inspection systems available today.