Mine, Stockpile and Reclamation Surveys

Depending on the client’s needs, the AAS drone-based mine, stockpile and reclamation survey system uses high-resolution digital cameras or LiDAR to map and measure:

  • Cut and fill areas;
  • Stockpile volumes;
  • Time-progression reclamation progress;

All surveys result in precise data reports in the client-specified format, and include 2D and 3D maps and orthomosaics with GPS coordinates.


There is simply no safer, more economical or efficient way to survey a mine, stockpile or reclamation area than by using a drone. In conducting the first, legal, drone-based volumetric survey of a coal stockpile ever in the United States, Advanced Aerial Services proved that a drone not only is an effective and efficient platform, it also proved that the data acquired is far superior to that obtained by ‘conventional’ methodology. With a ground-sample resolution (effective pixel size) of one centimeter or less, the data obtained by Advanced Aerial Services’ drone-based aerial survey system proved to be more than six times more precise, yielding volume reports that could be relied upon to be accurate to the highest precision level possible.

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – singularly referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or, in the common vernacular, drones – are inherently safer, faster, more versatile, less costly, more environmentally friendly and just plain smarter when compared to the typically utilized fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter-based aerial survey, inspection, photography and video platform. To provide our clients with the high-quality information they need and demand, AAS uses the most technologically advanced unmanned aircraft systems available today.

Advanced Aerial Services can provide your company with the security of knowing that your interests have been thoroughly, completely and accurately surveyed. Contact AAS to see how your company or project can benefit from this new and exciting technology. When you do, ask about receiving a FREE on-site demonstration of how you can more economically than ever obtain the information you need Safer, Faster, Smarter!