UAV Drone Inspection, Monitoring and Surveying Landfills and Waste Disposal Areas

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The Advanced Aerial Services Advantage

One of the many uses of UAV drones is that of providing an aerial platform for volumetric and topographical surveys, such as those required by landfills and waste dumps. Conventional methods of monitoring and determining the volume and locations of material coming in, plotting fill elevations and spotting distressed vegetation indicating erosion or high levels of methane gas, requires on-the-ground survey teams who must physically access the areas of study. For safety reasons, it is generally necessary to cease heavy machinery operations during the survey, and often there are areas that are remote, dangerous or difficult to access. However, using an aerial platform such as a UAV drone for landfill and waste dump inspection, monitoring and surveying not only makes the job safer, faster and more efficient for the survey crew, but also permits heavy machinery operations to continue while the survey is being conducted, resulting in additional savings of time and money.

Advanced Aerial Services (AAS) provides turnkey solutions for using UAV drones for monitoring, surveying and managing landfills and waste dumps, safer, faster and more economically. Using state-of-the-art technology and methodology, HD video, LiDAR, Infrared and Methane gas detection, AAS provides accurate, detailed, 3-D models, maps and reports containing all the information and data needed to comply with Government regulations and requirements. Comparative studies have proven that using the AAS aerial UAV drone methodology produces levels of accuracy and resolution no less than equal to, and in the majority of cases, superior to on-the-ground surveys.

Advanced Aerial Services can provide your company with the security of knowing that your interests have been thoroughly, completely and accurately surveyed. Contact AAS to see how your company or project can benefit from this new and exciting technology. When you do, ask about receiving a FREE on-site demonstration of how you can more economically than ever obtain the information you need Safer, Faster, Smarter!

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – singularly referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or, in the common vernacular, drones – are inherently safer, faster, more versatile, less costly, more environmentally friendly and just plain smarter when compared to the typically utilized fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter-based aerial survey, inspection, photography and video platform. To provide our clients with the high-quality information they need and demand, AAS uses the most technologically advanced unmanned aircraft systems available today.