Industrial Inspection

The Advanced Aerial Services Advantage

The AAS industrial inspection provides a safe, efficient and cost effective means for companies to comply with regulatory requirements. Using drones for the inspection of industrial facilities such as flare stacks and other dangerous and difficult to access areas eliminates the need for an inspection crew to physically access the facilities and permits most facilities to remain online during the inspection. Using drones for your industrial inspections will save your company money by greatly reducing downtime, and can totally eliminate the inherent risk of injury that comes with climbing flare stacks and other difficult to access areas.

The AAS industrial inspection uses state-of-the art equipment to provide detailed, up-close, HD Video, still photographs and infrared scanning of your structures and facilities, available for either live views in coordination with your engineers and inspectors, or for later reviews and close scrutiny.

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – singularly referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or, in military applications, drones – are inherently safer, faster, more versatile, less costly, more environmentally friendly and just plain smarter when compared to the typically utilized fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter-based aerial survey, inspection, photography and video platform. To provide our clients with the high-quality information they need and demand, AAS uses the most technologically advanced unmanned aircraft systems available today.

Unmanned aerial vehicle flights in the United States must be in compliance with FAA standards. Contact AAS to see how your project fits within this process. When you do, ask about receiving a FREE on-site demonstration of how you can more economically than ever obtain the information you need Safer, Faster, Smarter!